Our strong collaboration with the project team at Indra Navia helps us get maximum usage out of our infrastructure without compromising the safety of passengers.

Customer: Skyguide

End-User: Geneva International Airport


– A World of its Own


– Restricted visibility due to challenging weather condition, difficult topography, massive Palexpo building

– Highly customised, state-of-the-art, NORMARC CAT III ILS with unique reduced clearance signal and a NOVA A-SMGCS with enhanced RIMCAS functionality to secure safe runway operation

Lifetime Value
– Safer, more available approach, and increased transport reliability with no operational disadvantages, ICAO-adopted solution


Resting at the foot of the Alps and prone to challenging weather conditions, Geneva International relies on Category III Instrument Landing Systems to provide regular operations. When the new Palexpo Convention Center was expanded, Skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Services, knew it would pose a challenge to their Category III ILS€™.

The Palexpo is home to the annual Geneva Motor Show and sits next to the main airport terminal building. This show brings substantial business to the airport and the city itself.


Skyguide selected Indra Navia as a partner to develop a durable and safe Category III solution for runway 05. Indra Navia’€™s engineers came up with a uniquely designed system with reduced clearance signal to avoid clearance reflections from the massive Palexpo building and completely without degrading ILS signal performance. The new reduced clearance system was installed in record time and was successfully flight commissioned.

Lifetime Value

Skyguide was quickly able to escalate to Category III performance in just a few months. All airlines reported not only that there were no operational disadvantages of a reduced clearance system, but that Indra Navia’€™s NORMARC ILS solution outperformed the previous ILS solution.

As a result, ICAO also adopted this technique as a solution for difficult sites and has declared it a candidate solution to overcome future frequency congestion problems.


  • ATRS Top Airport Efficiency Award 4 years running 13.9 million passengers in 2012 (+ 73% in ten years).
  • 192,944 movements in 2012 (+ 16.5% in five years).
  • More than 120 direct-flight destinations: Europe, North America, Africa, Middle-East, Asia.
  • More than 50 scheduled airlines, of which ~20 are non-European.
  • Second European airport for private aviation, after Paris le Bourget.