GBAS (ground based augmentation system)

GBAS (ground based augmentation system) – Accuracy by Indra Navia

GBAS (ground based augmentation system) is the present and the future of aviation landing systems. Indra Navia is the world leader in GBAS, and we are setting new standards in GPS based landing systems.

Indra Navia is part of Indra – a global consulting, technology- and innovation company, that is on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services. We have accumulated more than 90 years’ experience and insight into communication, navigation and tower solutions. Our sole focus is on helping air traffic management customers to ensure the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

GBAS (ground based augmentation system) – NORMARC 8100

The NORMARC 8100 is our new, state of the art GBAS system. This system provides highly accurate guidance for aircraft. Its development is rooted in the world’s first GPS-based landing system used for regular commercial traffic. We started the work on the world’s first GBAS system all the way back in 1996, and it was approved and became operational in 2005. We were also the first company to have a network of ground stations.

ILS versus GBAS

ILS or instrument landing systems work perfectly well at many airports. However, the signal can be disrupted by topography and other barriers. The difference with GBAS is that it operates by sending data packets, so there are now critical areas with a loss of signal. The two technologies are complementary. Smaller airports will use ILS where it is appropriate, whereas larger airports might start implementing GBAS on one or two runways, with ILS on another runway for older aircrafts.

The benefits of using GBAS is cost effectiveness and increased accuracy. By reducing need for flight inspection, the GBAS is a very cost-effective alternative for the future. The GBAS will also reduce the risk of very large aircrafts disrupting the signals, which leads to a higher accuracy. This paves the way for steeper and shorter approaches and glide paths, making GBAS (ground based augmentation system) the soul choice for the future of landing systems.