The fully-digital GAREX 230 Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) is the result of a continuous development process, ensuring that optimal technology is employed and that the users’ functional requirements are met at all times. Functions required by air traffic service providers from all over the world have been progressively built into and become standard features of the GAREX system.

The GAREX 230 is the one platform that gives you the ultimate freedom to mix current and future communication technologies to ensure interoperability: basic telephony, advanced digital telephony, analogue and digital radios, VoIP and satellite links.

GAREX’ flexibility has been designed with the customer’s diverse needs in mind and supports the latest standard for VoIP integration to be well-positioned for evolving infrastructure requirements. This unique property also deems it suitable for customers of any size, from a small airport to a large area control center.

GAREX 230 highlights:

  • VoIP or E1 links between the VCCS and the radio equipment provide a full digital path from the user position equipment all the way in to the radios.
  • Accommodates up to 480 channels – ATM VoIP radio and telephone.
  • Developed according to ED-109 AL 4 and the relevant objectives of ED-153.
  • Module-based and scalable systems from small TWRs to large ACC/APP/TWR tailor-made solutions.


Indra was the first to provide a pure Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) system already in 2004. With the introduction of the state-of-the-art SDC-2000 platform, we were not only able to contribute to the creation of the Interoperability Standards for VoIP ATM Components (EUROCAE ED-137) with strong theoretical competence, but also hands-on experience.

We are confident that our long experience with pure VoIP systems and over 50 million hours of operation on all continents with our GAREX systems enables the GAREX 300 to provide ANSPs with a transition to VoIP that safeguards business continuity and that offers all the new possibilities that ED-137 VoIP provides.

With the all-new GAREX 300, we offer you a pure VoIP solution that builds on tried & tested features from both the GAREX 220 and SDC-2000 systems.

The GAREX 300 RoleRoaming feature also enables ANSPs to expand their business beyond national or regional boundaries. RoleRoaming provides flexible delegation of sectors across control centers, which is a cornerstone of the Functional Airspace Block (FAB) concept being implemented in Europe and around the world today. Optionally, RoleRoaming can even integrate with the wider FDP system for advanced ATM systems in order to ensure system wide, controlled and automatic sector delegation.

GAREX 300 highlights:

  • Offers streamlining of maintenance organizations by focusing on technology modern day IT professionals are already trained for.
  • Software is tested and documented according to ED-153 SWAL 3.
  • Based on flexible and modern SW development platform that makes introduction of new features efficient.
  • A range of COTS HW is available to choose from which is how we can provide such a scalable system (500+ CWPs/Radios).
  • Smaller systems (e.g. TWR solutions) can simply consist of CWPs as the only required HW components thus running all required server functions (VMCS, Radio Node server, Statistics etc) as Virtual Machines.
  • RoleRoaming feature solves inter-system sector delegation that has yet to be solved and standardized in ED-137.