InNOVA AIR is a new concept developed by Indra Navia, offering airports and air navigation service providers the newest technology within Automated, Integrated and Remote Tower Solutions. This is the new generation of NOVA 9000 Air Traffic Control Systems and is the most complete portfolio of tower systems available today.


Indra Navia is closely involved with the expanding Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program. We have numerous R&D programs running under the SESAR umbrella, enabling us to develop our products in cooperation with some of the key airports in Europe.

Indra Navia provides the full scope of automation: from surveillance and detection to clearance monitoring, automatic routing and guidance. These all seek to reduce the controller’s workload whilst providing excellent situational awareness.

Remote Towers

“Remote towers” is a relatively new concept that has been emerging in the industry recently. Instead of the controller being based in a physical tower, the air traffic services are performaned elsewhere – with video screens showing the view from the tower. This means that controller can be based in one location, but can control several airports at once.

Indra Navia has extensive experience with remote towers, with the InNOVA Air Traffic Management System being an important aspect of this.


An integrated solution saves time, trouble and money and gives the controllers a clearer view of everything that is happening and that could affect traffic movement. At larger airports, integration cleans up the controller’s desk and reduces the number of screens and push buttons needed – so there are just a few features integrated into fewer screens.

With the development of InNOVA AIR, we now integrate meteorological information, communications systems, radar systems, runway lighting etc. into the same solution. This means that the controller now only needs to use one system and there is therefore a single source of control.